[Mumedi] Research

“To Death with A Smile” is an international poster competition organised by Mumedi, the modern art museum of Mexico City. The brief is to simply communicate the idea of death with a smile in an A1 format.

Before I delve into making, these are some posters I’ve been looking at for inspiration:


Form Magazine covers from their Web Archive https://form.de/en/archiv (you need to be registered to enter). Really amazing covers, found it really hard to pick my favourites. There’s something about the spacing used in the late 60s that is stunning yet so hard to recreate whenever I try. There covers could easily act as posters on their own.


Exhibition at the National Theatre spanning 50 years of Poster Design on show in the Wolfson Gallery. Not to be a cliche or anything, the older ones are always the best. Ken Briggs by far outshines the rest. Here are my top picks overall, my favourite one being Rules for Living, a 2015 poster being the only exception to what I have just said, featuring the illustrations of Tobatron (Toby Leigh). Good to see all of this in light of my Mumedi poster brief.

Link to web page: https://www.nationaltheatre.org.uk/content/national-theatre-posters