[Ideas][FMP] Spatial Sound Institute



A really interesting project about a sound journey through Nikola Tesla’s life, investigating the relationship between Space and Sound.

“We define a new paradigm – instead of a passive experience of sound, what is expressed with sound appears as a spatial reality. The sensory reality that the listener perceives is exclusively individual: there is a construct of space that appears only in the mind of that particular listener, at that particular moment, being in that particular position.

Thus, by playing with the phenomena of spatial sound, we create new spaces, or rather: we create new realities for the listener. We’re enabled to experience something at the limits of our sensory capacity, both real and unreal, at the threshold of the known and unknown, providing access to potential new worlds and presences.”


[D&AD] Final Summative Statement

A new space for Antalis to showcase their Conqueror paper line. Designed in the Old Truman Brewery, the pop-up exhibition space uses the specific qualities of the papers to create interesting immersive soundscapes, that invite the audience to think about paper in a different way.

Submission Elements:

Renders + 8 Submitted JPEGS

Key Things You Learned:

Cinema 4D

Working and thinking in 3 dimensions.

Creating compelling minimal typography.

Branding a space

Professional Contact:


Feedback from all the tutors.

Testing Opportunities:

I’ve made experiments with the various sound rooms, to check that things would actually work. Since the project is based on a pitch, the final outcome hasn’t been realised.

Influencing your Future:

My first project dealing with design in space. I realised this is what I wanted to do, but didn’t necessarily have the meant to achieve it properly. This idea of subverting conventional ideas of a material and working with sound and space is definitely a key concept in my practice that I’ll keep revisiting.

[D&AD] Exhibition Look & Feel

Ideas on how to incorporate information into 3d space
Infographics as installations.